29 - AS“Sarah is an amazing artist and a true professional! We could not be more thrilled with our wedding/engagement pictures. I will cherish the photographs that she took for many years to come. Sarah has a gift at capturing those perfect moments, and I cannot stop looking through my wedding pictures because her photos take me right back to that moment. Sarah was excellent at communicating with us throughout the entire planning process. Sarah is upbeat and flexible. She will also have your back in a crisis! Working with Sarah Becker was an absolute pleasure (and my fiance and I HATE taking pictures). I only wish that I had another big life moment in the future for Sarah to capture!” – Alison + Shane, Oak Alley Plantation


“Chris and I and our families were blown away with Sarah and her gorgeous photos!!  Throughout the whole process she was on point with what needed to happen and when.  Right after we arrived to the reception she pulled us aside to take photos just the two of us.  That was such a perfect moment for us to separate ourselves from the crowd and appreciate what was happening around us.  I was also astounded by her ability to disappear!  I did not hear a single shutter click during the whole ceremony, yet the photos in the chapel are absolutely stunning.  She is extremely professional and accommodating, it was a true joy to have her be part of our weekend.  Can’t wait to share these photos, and the emotions they captured, with future generations to come!” – Chris + Madeline, New Orleans

“The pictures are absolutely stunning! I’m filled with such joy looking at our incredible photographs! You went above and beyond your call of duty and I respect you so much and have such gratitude toward you. You’ve captured such beautiful and real moments! There were pictures that made me want to cry!” – Joel + Kat, Los Angeles


“Sarah, you rock!!!!   I am so happy we were able to have you as our photographer!  You minimized any stress I might have had.  It was great to have your bubbly personality there during the preparation.  You were positive and happy, super friendly and sweet, never in the way but still there to capture moments as they happened, and you made decisions and organized the troops when nothing else seemed organized!  You made my morning.  Not only did you get there earlier than expected, but you knew exactly what you were doing and just did your thing without needing to bother anyone. It was perfect! When I saw Kris during our first look I felt such a wave of relief, because he is my rock and I knew all that those small things in the morning didn’t really matter.  I can’t imagine not having done a first look because after that I felt all my anxiety drain away and I was completely on cloud 9.  Even when things didn’t go as planned like our first dance and how our dip was on the wrong side, or how I was beyond awkward when people were expecting a speech or we were cutting the cake, or how Kris and I didn’t know how to exit the ceremony.  All those imperfections are now great memories! The whole evening only felt like it last 15 minutes and I am so glad that you were there to capture it.  Every time I turned around I saw you with your camera and I just celebrated!” – Brenda + Kris, New Orleans

“We’re absolutely in love with our wedding photographs! You captured all the emotion, life, beauty, excitement, and joy so wonderfully in our photographs. THANK YOU for giving us memories of a lifetime to always look back on and share together!” – Jeremy + Liz, Tennessee

“Working with Sarah on the day of the wedding was great because she disappeared when she needed to – during the ceremony we didn’t even know she was there – but in the moments where I needed to ask her something, the communiction was clear and she was always right where I needed her to be! I was blown away when we saw our photos for the first time – it was magic.” – Clay + Jessalyn, Tennessee

“We couldn’t be happier with our wedding and engagement photographs! You did an absolutely amazing job! You were a pleasure to work with! Always there to answer my crazy, stressed out bride questions! Thank you for loving what you do and pouring your heart into our wedding photos! I could literally say thank you a million times!” – Courtney + Nehemiah, Louisiana

“Sarah has an incredibly special gift of capturing moments and emotions. She has the ability to photograph life in such a vivid and real way that anyone looking at her photographs would feel as if they were experiencing that “moment” as it were happening. Sarah did a phenomonal job following the timeline and didn’t miss any details. She exceeded my expectations; she captured all of the special moments that I envisioned and more that I didn’t even know I wanted! I love looking back at my wedding photos – they are vibrant and full of life!” – Jess + Eric, Florida

“Sarah was always on top of things, communicative, and reassuring and so I felt very confident – I could be really honest with her! I felt like Sarah captured not just the day, but also moments that I didn’t get to participate in because I was the bride, and they made me really feel like I was in the moment even though I couldn’t be there. It was a true depiction of our wedding day.” – Michael + Stacia, Georgia






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