Nathan + Ali | an elegant country club wedding

This past summer, I was living in Chattanooga, neck-deep in weddings, and putting off thinking about what I would do when I moved to New Orleans in August. Do I start a photography business there? Should I take a “break” from weddings and find a “real job”? Would I even book any weddings in New Orleans?! I was overwhelmed, so I put off thinking about it and waited for a sign…

Ali was that sign. She contacted my company in Chattanooga, Motion Picture Co, saying she loved our work and how much would we charge to travel to New Orleans in November? My heart stopped. I emailed her back right away – “Actually, nothing – because I’M MOVING THERE!” What! Ali was the first wedding I booked in New Orleans and since then many other weddings have followed. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that she reached out to me, believed in me, and entrusted her wedding day to me!

Needless to say, after such an emotional beginning – and especially after grabbing coffee with Ali when she came down to New Orleans from Asheville for a bit of wedding planning – I have been counting down the days to this wedding. And oh, it lived up to all the hype!

Nathan + Ali are obviously best friends. They go from being goofy and fun to sweet and romantic (and back again!) at the drop of a hat. They were a dream to photograph! Ali + Nathan’s families were so sweet and I enjoyed conversations with many of them throughout the day. Their friends were ridiculously fun (and thanks to the groomsmen who commiserated with me by saying, “Aren’t groomsmen the worst?” – they can be a little challenging, but Nathan’s were great!) and were obviously ready to celebrate Nathan + Ali’s wedding! Nathan + Ali are taking a mini-moon to Florida, and planning a longer trip to Italy in the summer. Wherever these two go, I know they’ll take their kindness and love of fun with them!

Now, enough from me -enjoy the images!

Congratulations, Dr. + Mrs. Nathaniel Lee Jones! I wish you the BEST!

Thanks to Brittany for assisting me, and all the other incredible professionals that made the day possible:

Church : Mater Dolorosa

Reception & Catering : New Orleans Country Club (the mini-muffalettas – oh my goodness!)

Hair/Make-Up : Trina Davis & Emily Hennen

Flowers : Bunny Smith

Dress : Town and Country

Day-Of Coordinator : Aline Walshe

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