My Wedding

My wedding was perfect for me and my husband, Luke.

We got married in a field, ran down the hill together, and lunched with our best friends at the home of some of the best people I know (they’re generous, too – obviously!).

But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words…. Ready for A LOT of pictures?!

I am not a typical coffee drinker (I know, unheard of!) but I did have a bit of espresso thanks to my dear friend/wedding host/wedding PHOTOGRAPHER John!

My ring was originally given to my grandmother by my great-grandfather – I love that I wear it now!

Where I am, fuzzy socks will also be.

My friend Danielle traveled to do my hair and make-up and I couldn’t be more grateful! She was actually my RA in college and was known around campus for her haircuts (she cut mine a few times!). It was so great to have someone who is professional but also so close to me!

He’s a handsome guy.

We were so unbelieving this was actually happening!

We got ourselves the same gift. It happens.

My incredible friend Jess RULED the day! I worried for nothing since she was there. A couple months later, I hopped on a plane to Florida to shoot HER wedding!

There’s a canvas of this one in our bedroom!

One of my favorite pictures from the whole day! My dad, right before the ceremony, fixing a couple of signs so they were PERFECT!

My best girls!

John + Jess – they made the day possible!

We wrote a letter to everyone who attended – it took hours and hours of work, but was definitely my favorite project.


We have no idea where Joel, one of Luke’s best men, is going in this photo! (What matters is that he came back!)

Love these two photos! 

In lieu of a guest book, everyone pinned their favorite place in the world and signed their name by it! It’s hanging in our dining room now.

One of the perils of having your wedding at a private home – the Fedex guy came! Ha!

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