Liz + Jeremy | engaged

Liz + Jeremy are very intentional. Intentional about their love, intentional about their future plans, and intentional about the hard work they are putting in now to make those plans a reality. It has been such an honor to be their photographer – and I’ve just shot their engagement photos so far! – and I don’t say that lightly. Jeremy is a former roommate of my husband, so we have been friends for years. Liz, however, came into Jeremy’s life about a year ago… when Luke + I were getting married, graduating, and moving across the country! Needless to say, we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to get to know her! So, it has been a joy communicating with them about all of their wedding plans and not only getting to know Liz, but getting to know “Liz + Jeremy” as a couple.

I had such a wonderful time exploring downtown Chattanooga with Liz + Jeremy for a few hours last week! (Although, it got pretty chilly at the end – thanks for the hot chocolate, Jeremy!)

Enjoy your images, you two lovebirds! Can’t wait for June!

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