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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I’ve been toiling away at something super exciting, risky, and time-consuming! I can’t believe that TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY! Finally time to dish to all of you amazing people the next step I’m taking in my business. I’m officially specializing in historic home and plantation weddings!

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I’ve always loved history and I have an adoration for old things. My bedroom furniture has been in my husband’s family for generations, my early-edition Nancy Drew books are some of my most prized possessions, and the piano I play in my living room is the same piano my dad played in the 1970s. When I started shooting at the old historic homes and plantations of New Orleans, I found myself falling in love with weddings all over again. There’s just something about being inside of a home that has such a life of its own. I’ve had the honor of visiting and photographing so many beautiful historic homes – from ones right down the street in New Orleans, to Natchez, to Charleston, and Savannah. I love the idea of two people marking their history in a place that already has so much history. Whether they know it or not, they are already apart of something so much bigger than themselves.


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This is something that has been on my heart and mind for a while. I LOVE the homes here in the city I pass by daily and frequently take the long way to see them (like Race & Religious, the Beauregard-Keyes House, and the Degas House!) and my heart literally speeds up on the drive to plantations outside of the city (such as Houmas House, Oak Alley, and Stella!). I started listening to that voice that told me “THIS! THIS is what you love and what you need to be doing!” Of course, this meant some work had to be done! The very first person outside of my husband I talked to about this is my dearest friend Maddie Doucet, who is typically the first person who hears what I ate for breakfast and my latest cooking attempt, so it seemed appropriate! In this case though, Maddie is a fellow photographer and an incredibly talented graphic designer and she was able to quickly bring my vision and rebrand to life. I wanted something that clearly communicated my new message, but also wasn’t too unlike my recent branding which I still love (we kept the same colors and the circles). I also wanted it to be more personal so the “fancy font” you see here is my handwriting! Maddie and I are also working on a bridal guide magazine for all my brides going along with the rebrand and I can’t wait to share that with you when it’s ready!

I sought out a lot of wisdom about this decision, as it is a risk. Specializing in anything  – saying “I love THIS, I am an expert in THIS, I get THIS” – is a risk because it is so specific. I sat down and crunched numbers. I live simply, I’m young, I have no children so this is a good time to take such a risk (this is exactly how I talked myself into this biz in the first place!). I looked at my calendar, and was shocked to see that 70% of my weddings this year are already at historic sites and then all but ONE is for next year! At that point I basically had to take the plunge and make this love affair official!

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I picked the brains of other photographers who have been so successful with this and I can’t thank Mike Larson (who I admire so much both for his business sense and his faith), Jacilyn M (who spent 3 hours with me on Skype!), and Meg Courtney enough for their feedback! I also gained so much from chatting with Hannah Brencher who provided some wonderful words to go along with the visuals and told me some truths about myself that changed the game. I also have an incredible support system of family, friends, and fellow photographers who are too numerous to name but mean the world to me. Thank you all for being so encouraging and pushing me off this cliff. It is totally what I am supposed to be doing – and some of you knew it even before I did!

Historic Home Announcement

I couldn’t be more excited about this. I’m so happy to be based in such an amazing city with so many historic homes, and I’m excited for opportunities with other historic homes and plantations in other states as well – including a wedding in Charleston next month! I’m thankful that honestly, in a city like this, it’s difficult to NOT get married in a beautiful historic place! You can check out some more questions and answers about this here!

In closing, here is how I feel about three things: historic homes, this rebrand, and YOU!

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Two thumbs so far up they almost block my face! THANK YOU!! xoxo

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