Emily + Josiah | Jekyll Island sunset proposal

The first night of our vacation with my husband’s family, Luke turned to me while we were unpacking and said “Guess what?! My brother’s getting engaged!” We knew it was coming soon, but weren’t expecting it to come THIS soon! Fortunately (as always) I had my camera on me and was able to be a part of Emily + Josiah’s beautiful sunset engagement just two days later!

A few weeks before vacation I had told Emily + Josiah I would love to do a quick photoshoot with them while we were there – so that was the perfect way to get Emily dolled up without suspecting a thing! I didn’t know WHEN in the session Josiah was planning to propose, so I was nearly as surprised as Emily was and I just started clicking away! Emily + Josiah have been dating since very early their freshman year of college (they are entering their senior year) and it has been such a joy to watch their relationship grow over time together at our college, holidays, and so forth! Emily just got back from three months in Ireland and this was the PERFECT way to celebrate!

Emily + Josiah, I am so glad you are going to grow old together – and I’m so glad I’ll be there for all of it! I love you! xo

Blissfully unaware of what was about to happen next!

Waterworks! Emily cried and so did I!

Pure joy!

Absolutely glowing.

Emily is a highly trained dancer (and dance teacher!) and that always shows when I photograph her!

Driftwood beach…

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