Caleb + Lindsay | a historical train depot wedding

Lindsay is a very original person. I have never met another girl like her and doubt I ever will. She was an upperclassman at my college when I entered as a freshman, and has since gone on to several adventures including a teaching stint in South Korea. Lindsay and I have kept up since college, sporadically emailing our hearts out to each other, and I was so thrilled when she called to tell me that she and Caleb were engaged! Although I do not know him as well, he loves Lindsay¬†so well – and that’s all that I could ask for!

Caleb + Lindsay perfectly blended their two tastes together in this wedding – their love for Newnan, Lindsay’s love for fun and wildflowers, and a classic outdoor candlelit reception. I was honored to witness their marriage!


Invitations: Devon Spacek | Venue: The Historical Train Depot, Newnan, Georgia | DJ: Greg McEvoy | Hair: Danielle Wilson | Florist: DIY | Dress: Michelangelo | Caterer: O’Charley’s | Coordinator: Jetta Lepore

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