One of the best things I’ve ever done is partner up with my amazingly dear friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Logan Doerries and launch our one-stop elopement shop in New Orleans, Pop of Love. We have been able to serve the most amazing couples like Ethan + Eugenia. There’s nothing more enchanting than the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum followed by a joyful second line.

If you happen to be perusing my website because you are also interested in eloping in this magical city, let us know! We’d love to partner with you to create a day as beautiful as this one.

I’ve been photographing more and more elopements and less and less “big weddings” and the transition has been so sweet. Meeting up with the coolest couples somewhere in the city and wandering for a bit, then witnessing them making a genuine commitment to each other, takes my breath away every single time. Ann + Josh were truly a dream. This day will always stand out as one of my favorites. Congratulations Ann + Josh!

Morgan + Chase had such a beautiful day (that light!) with a group of some of my very favorite vendors. I honestly felt like I was at a party with all my friends! Morgan + Chase, thank you for one of the absolute best nights.

Planner: Mint Julep Productions | Venue: Race & Religious | Ceremony: St Charles Presbyterian Church | Paper: Lionheart Prints | Live Painter: Color Me Nola | Bands: TNT / Kinfolk | Florals: Leaf + Petal | Hair + Make-Up: Glam Nola | Dress: Monique Lhullier | Caterer: Coquette





I’ve been taking on fewer weddings this year and it has changed my business in ways I didn’t anticipate. I have so much more time to spend mentally on each wedding as we prepare, physically on editing and perfecting the images, and after I have more emotional space to really think about each specific celebration and, well, all this boils down to how lucky and thankful I am and feel to have this job.

Jennifer + Chas are just gems of human beings. They are kind, genuine, considerate, and using their lives and careers to truly make a difference in my own neighborhood and my own city. Their friends and family adore them. Every single vendor was so excited for this wedding because of what a joy it was to work with Jennifer. The day did NOT disappoint and I’m so honored to have been there!

Thank you so much to my amazing second shooter Trevor Mark and the incredible team of vendors that made this day so wonderful to photograph.

Venue: Race & Religious | Planner: Brooke Casey | Florals: Antigua Floral

Catering: Martin’s Wine Cellar | Cups: Lionheart Prints | Hair + MUA: Bleu

Transportation: Alert / Big Easy | Late Night Snacks: Dat Dog | Bakery: Sweet Life

Brass Band: Young Pin Stripe | Lighting: Firefly Ambiance | Rentals: Event Rental

Oysters: Two Girls One Shuck | DJ: LA Music Source Media

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