I’ve known Mary Katherine for years as we’ve both worked our tails off in the New Orleans wedding industry (she was one of the amazing ladies behind Mint Julep). Mary Katherine is a complete joy to be around, so comfortable yet always on top of things. When we first spoke about me shooting her wedding, I was SO excited because I knew it would be more than just another event for me, it would be watching a friend get married (after collaborating on so many weddings!) and celebrating with so many other friends in the wedding industry. It was absolutely that, but also (and most importantly), it was such a meaningful ceremony for Mary Kat + Davis (who have recently moved to NYC to start a new adventure together) and the reception was such a testament to how fun these two are. Mary Katherine + Davis, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this day. I will always treasure it!

Venue: Race & Religious | Catering: Brack May | Florist: Poppy & Mint

Paper Suite: Fresh Ink | Bands: Young Pinstripes / TNT Band

Hair + MUA: GLAM Nola | Planner: Mint Julep




Laura + John met first hung out at Hangout Fest (see what I did there?) as Laura was there with John’s sister (her very good friend and NOW HER SISTER TOO!). The entire day felt like Laura + John were already family, they were just making it official with a big party of everyone they love. Their family and friends are so tight-knit. These are such amazing weddings because people are so comfortable, so happy, and that obviously makes for really wonderful images. I had the best time. Laura + John’s wedding had so many fun details (and that bike!!) that were so THEM – exactly what it should have been. Laura + John, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of such a fun and joyful day!

Paper Suite: Kelly Draws | Venue: City Park Botanical Gardens | Hair + Makeup: Bleu | Florist: Poppy & Mint | Dress: Sarah Seven

Caterer: City Park | Cake: Debbie Does Doberge | Lighting: Southern Hospitality




I photograph a lot of elopements and it’s no secret they are my favorite thing. Because 99% of these couples live far away – New York City, Portland, or in this case Nags Head, North Carolina – I never 100% know what I’m getting into what I show up and walk through that door. I feel so, so, so lucky that two weeks ago I knocked on a hotel room door and Heather + Chuck were on the other side ready to get married. They are so incredibly in love, so easy going, and spending a few hours with them adventuring around the city is one of the highlights of my fall.

I know there are so so many adventures in front of Heather + Chuck – they are just those kind of people – so H + C, thank you for inviting me to come along for this one! xoxo




My favorite days are elopement days. Witnessing and photographing the intimate beginning of so many marriages over the past years has been such an honor and joy. The vast majority of my elopement couples are planning their elopement from far away. Since I’m nearly the only person in contact with them throughout the process (minus the officiant), AND since I’m all about weddings and elopements and New Orleans and so forth, I end up helping out in a lot of ways. I LOVE helping out and for the typical tiny elopement for two, it normally works out just fine! But some elopements require more – a bouquet, a make up artist, rentals, etc! – and I felt a little out of my league with those.

ENTER… Pop of Love! I’ve teamed up with my friends Logan and Lauren, both of whom I consider wedding industry experts, to plan and execute your elopement so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Which is the whole point of an elopement right?! You can read more about us and what we include in our elopement packages (um, EVERYTHING basically!) here.

One day, I’d love to photograph elopements nearly exclusively (with a big wedding peppered in there every now and then)! I’m so excited for Pop of Love and if you’re planning to elope in New Orleans, you should be too!

So excitedly,